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Electro Ship Service company was established in 2014. The beginning of our activity were electrical services for the shipbuilding industry in Scandinavia and Poland. Thanks to the constant development we expanded the scope of our activity to the land industry both in Poland and around the World. At the moment our employees are involve in projects at countries such as: Germany, Israel, Croatia, France and Norway.

Electro Ship Service as port of the market, has completed many projects for nearly 10 years, which was confirmed by the acquisition of experience and numerous certificates.

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Electrical services

Electro Ship Service has been providing services related to the electrical industry on the maritime and land market since 2014. Our installations can be found both on the maritime market and on many land facilities.


Locksmith work

Locksmith work is an inseparable aspect of electrical work. We carry out work related to the modification of existing structures, repair work, as well as comprehensive locksmith work based on customer or our own documentation.


Thermovision work

As part of our activities, we also perform certified thermovision examinations of both: entire electrical installations and components such as cables and wires, electrical equipment and transformers.


Telecommunication and IT systems

Electro Ship Service operates also in the broadly understood telecommunications and IT industries. We making new, servicing and repairing existing installations.


RES – renewable energy sources

Electro Ship Service facing modern technologies along with care for the natural environment has also been active in the renewable energy sector for years.



Electro Ship Service has been providing the highest quality services in the field of optical fiber welding for many years. As a company we have knowledge, many years of experience and all this is supported by numerous certificates.


Switchboards production

In response to the growing needs of the market both in the maritime and land industries, Electro Ship Service has created a separate department dealing with the design and construction of low voltage (LV) electrical switchboards.


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